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  • I've been here for over four years now, and although this has never a great company to work for, it wasn't all that bad either, until this year. Now, this is quite possibly one of the worst places I've ever had the misfortune of being at, and I can't wait to leave.

    The new management is pretty clueless, has no idea whatsoever about the business, and is driving us into the ground. The stress that we are all under is incredible, as no one has any idea what our jobs are.

    Anyone on management who we ever liked, or had a clue has been let go, and that also has us us all stressed out. The people who get ahead here are the ones who will throw others under the bus at any turn, who play politics, and who have blind self-ambition rather than the ones who do their jobs, get things done, and produce results.

    For a company that totes Fairness, Value, Loyalty, and Truthfulness as it's "Guiding Principles", I've never seen a company that in reality cares so little about those things, and so regularly stomps all over them.

    In short, steer clear of this place, it is an awful place to be, and really not worth it, especially for the mediocre salaries that they pay.

    Publié le 18 mai 2014 par Évaluateur #9 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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Couldn't agree more. This place is like a bad rash. It just keeps breeding bad vibes. I have never seen such a lack of care for the staff in the offices and the crap they go through. Its got to be the worst job I've ever had.

Publié le 2 janvier 2015

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