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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Tourism, Travel, Passenger transportation

  • I spent nine years with the company giving 110% each day I worked. Some months I only had 4 days off, my choice of course, because I love going to work and I love my job and I love everything about the company (at that time).. Over the course of my nine years there I watched the culture slowly disappear from something to be envied to something to be laughed at. You're told over and over again how much WestJet looks after each other internally yet when push comes to shove they are quickly to get rid of those who speak your mind and want to better their work environment for all. There are people in positions that are simply in those positions solely based on their previous years with the company. Is my firm belief that position such as HR positions need to be filled with those who are educated via a educational institution and not just promoted from within. Because of this lack of education from those in positions to make critical choice,s employees are improperly managed, insufficiently supported and ultimately frustrated with the lack of professionalism with the management and supervisory staff. The chance to appeal your hasty or unjust dismissal is provided, however truth be told it's more of a façade than anything. Arming myself with 23 character reference from fellow employees who worked side-by-side directly with me wasn't even enough to convince the manager to reconsider the dismissal and situation at hand. I don't regret my entire time with the company as I've gained numerous friendships that will last far beyond the term of employment with the company. However, to say that sour taste has been put in my mouth and my impression of the company today and into the future is sketchy would be undoubtably accurate. I no longer trust the vision set out by this company.

    Posted on 11 February 2016 by Rater #136 | Flag as inappropriate

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