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University of alberta

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Education, Training

  • If you plan to work for AICT/IST/whatever they're calling the central IT department this week, be wary.

    Like a lot of shady employers that use the contract model, they use it as a means of occasionally re-writing your job description and hiring those that came after you at lower pay rates, creating a tiered sort of system. Also, keeping benefits out of your reach for at least a year all while promising that some day, you might be able to get a promotion and be covered. If you make it, though, the benefits package is awesome. If not, you'll get cut when your contract comes up.

    Management is currently wrapped up in the Manager Tools cult of personality and while they may not come out and say it, you're expected to drink their kool-aid and pay lip service if you want to explore any kind of advancement options. The middle-management won't help you with any kind of problem and seems paralyzed when expected to do any kind of management or even proved answers regarding processes.

    Relationships are more important than the skills for which you'll presumably be hired for. If you can schmooze and be political, you'll slide through the ranks here like a buttered eel. If you're not sitting within arms' reach of management, expect to become invisible, preventing any kind of advancement opportunities from being offered to you unless you're capable of making some kind of significant noise or impact.

    On the whole, if you enjoy working in IT because you enjoy working with technology, avoid this place like the plague. The equipment everywhere is ridiculously out of date, much-needed processes don't exist and no one wants to implement them, asset management is a joke, no one has any answers when you need them, you will wind up becoming system administration because they don't know how to manage a lot of basic admin tasks or can't be bothered to communicate with anyone, etc. It's a gong show. If you're a middle-management weasel, then you'll make a killing in this place.

    Good luck!

    Posted on 17 July 2014 by Rater #7 | Flag as inappropriate

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