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University of New Brunswick

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Éducation, Formation

  • Agree with one of the other raters... nepotism and cronyism is rampant. On the face, UNB appears to be respectful, inclusive and diverse. Their corporate character "shows well" but when you get into it, you find a lot of upper management has worked at UNB since they graduated from... UNB. This leaves them sorely lacking in any life or work experience outside of their academic bubble, and unable to react well to new ideas or situations. It also means they take care of their own. Underline that and bold it (I can't!).

    Best examples of poor management strategies:
    -Having employees fill out Management Assessments (supposedly so administration can see how their managers are working) but you have to hand it right back to your manager. Conflict of interest anyone?

    -Committing to major overhaul projects to make managements job easier, while making it more difficult and inconvenient for every employee. (project I last saw this happen saves a manager three hours of work a week, but increases the work load by 20% and increases the frustration of over 70 people.)
    Doing stuff just to "do stuff" and make you look good.

    -I saw someone get "disappeared" for calling a manager out on something they were definitely doing wrong. "Position eliminated" was the excuse, while the work for that position was still needed and then had to be disseminated between several people. Parts of that persons work were never picked up and those projects are lost.

    If you want one employment tip there, follow the rest of the herd and shower management with gifts, outings and be sure to both go to and throw parties and get-togethers. They love that stuff. If they throw shindigs make sure you show regularly. Smile a lot.

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