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  • This is a horrible company to work for. Horribly understaffed, management is not supportive of it's team members and their expectations of what can be done in limited hours is unbelievable. As others have said I was hired as a full time employee and cut down to about 20 hours a week about a month after the store opened. I would never recommend this company to anyone looking for work. hard work will get you nowhere and no matter how many customer complaints they have recieved about staffing, equipment or certain employees I have yet to see any attempt to change anything (I have been there 10 months).

    Posted on 26 September 2013 by Rater #8 | Flag as inappropriate

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Thank you! I am so glad I kept my other pt jobs and didn't get hired by Target Canada at their job fairs in February 2013 this year. They didn't want to hire me and my years of retail experience at Hudson's Bay Company because I wasn't going to sacrifice all else just for them so they can screw me later. I have foreseen this and acted accordingly to cover myself while the other desperate, clueless, self deluded job applications got sucked in, screwed, and chewed up, spit out.

Posted on 1 November 2013

I work there now, but am actively looking for a new job. Been with target since before they opened. It started out great but the honeymoon is over. I knew the hours would dwindle, that's retail. But management is clueless!!! They don't really care about team members. I can go a 6.5 hour shift without seeing a manager at all. They have high expectations but do not staff accordingly. So team members are set up to fail. You can't get fired there. So that's a bonus for some. There's a few terrible team members who receive complaints regularly and no one does anything. I know for a fact a team member has stolen from target and she still has a job. Only apply to target if desperate or killing time for a better job.

Posted on 9 October 2013

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