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Symcor Inc.

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Banques, Assurances, Services financiers

  • Symcor has laid off employees, but they are back on track and making a profit. Management understands what it means to have a work life balance. Salary is generous and work load is fair. When I have overtime, my boss tells me to leave early on a Friday. Everyone is friendly. I like working here.

    Publié le 16 août 2012 par Évaluateur #23 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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There is no future here, the upper management has dropped the ball on expanding the business, they are not doing anything to recapture lost business.
I worked there for over 7 years and getting a raise was impossible even though a quality rating was achieved (3 out of 5).
I do not recommend working for this sweat shop.

Publié le 15 juin 2014

Funniest post ever. Also not true.

Publié le 4 avril 2013

Symcor IS back on track - they are doing well financially and poised to share it with the employees again this year. I to have a work/life balance thanks to my excellent manager, and yes, I think my compensation (salary) is quite good here. Overtime is paid for, and yes, 99% of the people in this organization ARE friendly. It was worth sticking through the tough times.

Publié le 29 août 2012

You are obviously delusional. The business is declining and the future for the company is bleak.

Publié le 20 août 2012

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