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Spence Diamonds

Taille de l'entreprise : Petite (1 - 49 employés)

Industrie : Commerce de détail

  • I have to say like most jobs working for Spence has it's pro's and its con's.

    The Cons:

    Like many other past employees have mentioned the turnover rate at Spence is rediclious. I was with the company for a decent amount of time and have seen many many people come and go, with that being said if you can sell you will have no problem and make decent money. The days of making 120,000 a year are gone though as Spence has restructured it's bonus system making it almost impossible to make more than 30-35k a year.The sad thing is taht the bonus is based on staffing levels that the store manager is responcible for, but the sales people take the hit and I have heard alot of senior staff making plans to leave.

    Also dont plan on having much of a personal life as the work schedule is demanding and you never get weekends off, let alone a few days in a row and getting a holiday booked off is always a battle.

    You are constantly micro managed and held to ridicliously high sales and activity targets that very few can achieve, when you dont make these targets you will be fired and let go.

    With that being said there are some pros:

    You get to be a part of a couples special moment when you sell them a beautiful engagement ring and clients are always respectful and happy....oh did I say there were some pros?

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