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Lush Handmade Cosmetics


Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Other Industrial Goods & Services

  • I have worked for Lush for three years, I was hired as a key holder. I have never had a raise in three years, my wage is $10.75. Pretty brutal. The managers are supposed to review their staff's performances every few months, yet in three years I have never had a review ... My managers seem to just skip me (and some other employees) over at review time. There is literally no room for growth - with few stores and MITs that remain 'in training' for years and years, how can one hope to move up? Additionally, there are very few hours to be passed around (save for xmas time) - and DONT go into lush expecting full time - you will only get part time hours.

    That being said, the product is great and it works. Lush doesn't claim to be all natural, so I dont know why people get so upset when they find out we're not all natural. Lush is extremely open and proud of its ingredients - natural AND synthetic.The products are mostly vegan, all vegetarian, never tested on animals. They have pretty good green practices, and they employ fair trade methods for sourcing most of their ingredients. So if you're passionate about animals and the environment, lush would be a great place for you.

    If you work at Lush you will get a ton of free products, you will get a 50% discount, and you WILL make bonus. At my store we hit bonus nearly every month. If you can't make bonus then you're not a very strong sales associate, are you? But keep in mind its a team effort - no individual sales are tracked. I now work with mostly "older" employees (Age 20-30) - and I love everyone. I have also worked with some high-school age employees and I find them to be lazy about learning product knowledge, and not good at sales. I wouldn't want to work with people under age 20.

    Posted on 15 August 2012 by Rater #7 | Flag as inappropriate

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