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Katz Group/Rexall Pharma Plus

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Commerce de détail

  • I have never worked so hard for so little. So little appreciation; so little validation; so little money. Such poor benefits. This is the only company I know of which had the audacity to renege on annual management bonuses 12 months after laying out goals and objectives. (Which I achieved!! What's the incentive here forward?) This company made it impossible for me to do my job to my personal sense of satisfaction. No intrinsic reward for me. Forced to choose our battles, managers were prioritizing where we should not have had to. The cream at the top could be skimmed off for sure. I quit because I decided I wasn't going to die for this company: the stress level was excruciating. I left after many years as a front store manager. Things just kept going down hill. I had no problem with most of the RD's. I had no problem with the divisional VP. I had a problem with upper management who are possibly so far removed from what goes on daily on the front line that they can't even begin to be educated about it. I am quite sure that the powers that be believe that everything outside of Toronto is considered Rural Canada. I don't know why it took me so long to get out. And after all those years, no one except my store staff even acknowledged my leaving. My job was simply posted on Indeed within 2 days. (That was the only way I initially knew they had received my resignation letter.) I saw no humanity in this company. All about the bottom line.

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