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HP Canada / Hewlett-Packard Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Electrical, Electronic

  • When I hear people talking about how good my company is, I know they are talking about the past. HP was once a great company, but they are no longer. There are a number of things that have occurred in the past 3 to 5 years that make HP much less desirable. Frankly, HP is on a downward slide, increasing in speed monthly.

    The first thing is the work environment. It is the driving factor for most of the other changes. At one time, honour, integrity, trust, and doing the right things were paramount to HP. These days, all of those take a backseat to profit. In decisions regarding money at HP, middle, and upper management will now claim they are doing the right thing, while robbing employees of income, or benefits in many ways.

    Recently HP has taken away Health Care for future retirees, and then offered it back at a cost to retirees of $225/Month. How can retirees afford this much per month on a reduced income that also occurs at retirement. Many employees have worked for 20 years at a slightly reduced salary to get this benefit. Some employees are talking about suing the company as a result of this loss.

    They have changed retirement plans from Defined Benefits, to Defined Contribution. Under the Defined Contribution Plan, employees are required to deposit a percentage of their own salary into an RRSP, with the company matching it. Most recently they have reduced the company match for employee contributions, effective January or February of 2008.

    HP has also moved many jobs from North America to India, and Costa Rica. I know many people who have lost jobs to this send jobs elsewhere. Our Customers complain daily about having to get support from people who can barely communicate in English. Many of our English Customers now pick the option to speak to a Francophone Agent rather than speak to someone in Costa Rica. Then they speak English to the French Agent. How is this Customer Service? Internally, our IT support is in India. They make Costa Rica look like seasoned pros. On urgent IT issues we get 3 to 14 day turnaround. On non-urgent issues, they frequently just don’t respond at all.

    Profit Sharing. At one time, HP was known for working as one team. We all worked together with the thought that in the end we all benefitted if the company did well. Several years ago, our NEW management changed the Profit Sharing Program formulae, to add factors that could be manipulated by the company. Earlier this year, HP Services(the people who fix the broken systems), were broken out from the rest of the pack, and had their own plan. At the time we figured we were getting shafted, but when we voiced that feeling, they said “no no, HP Services has always done better”. We guess what, a few weeks ago, after reading in the news media about how HP made the most money, and was the most profitable than at any time in it’s history, we were told that we would get nothing! In the name of profit, HP screwed the group who have always turned a profit for HP. All this to say, HP isn’t the company it once was.

    Also, 3 years ago HP changed Overtime Compensation for HP Services Employees. They changed it again this year. Without going into mundane detail, it has resulted in a loss of income for employees of around 11%.

    HP Claims to be a good corporate citizen, but they have also fallen from that perch. What makes a good corporate citizen? I feel it’s acting like an good citizen that lives in that community would act. Follow the laws, support good causes, pay taxes to support the community, and live up to a moral code of the pinnacles of the community. In other words, feel joy when we do, feel pain as we do, be involved, and support your fellow man. HP is starting to fail at that level.

    HP has moved jobs out of our communities in the quest for more profits, when they are already making substantial profits. HP has cut donations to charities. HP has taken money out of the pockets of employees to better company profits. These are not the deeds

    Posted on 6 January 2008 by Rater #13 | Flag as inappropriate

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Thank's to the postings, I will never buy an HP product, I will never think about bringing my skills to HP and I will focus on making sure all of my family, friends and colleagues buy from HP's competitors.

If the current CEO, Mark H. leaves HP to suck another company dry elsewhere (that's his track record by the way), then I will stop supporting that company. This includes the following;
- not buying anything that company offers.
- removing all my investments from that company.
- educating family, friends and colleagues with the sole purpose not support that company as long as Mark H. is employed by that company or brought in as a consultant.

This is the only power I have and I plan to exercise it.

Posted on 14 October 2009

Finally someone who has totally understood what the people doing the actual work have know for a while now. Pay for Performance - sure it exists...the workers perform and HP gets Paid!!! Cutting people's livelyhood and bonuses AFTER the executive leadership has said they would NOT do that is not integrity - not honorable and most definately NOT MOTIVATING FOR ANYONE except of course the shareholders. But someday someone up in the ivory tower will understand that if you want to have maximum delivery you need to show maximum respect. And that without the first line leaders and workers you do NOT have a company!

Posted on 5 June 2009

Right on, great posting! The larger IT service organizations like HP and IBM are a big joke nowadays employing every tom, dick, and harry from a 3rd world country. These companies have forced us into a recession and until they file for bankruptcy, will continue to try and ruin U.S. and Canadian economies by raising the unemployment rate every year just to save a few bucks. How about selling better products morons?

Posted on 29 May 2009

I think spot on. Its all about the shareholders and upper management getting thier money by screwing over the little people.

Posted on 2 May 2009

Right on! You took the words from my mouth.

Posted on 6 January 2008

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