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Groupe Pages Jaunes


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Publishing, Printing, Media

  • Ok, first thing first, management is encouraged to come to these sites and tell everyone of you what a great company it is. And lets not forget the communications department who's job is to search the net for negative comments and say what a great company it is. Make your own mind, when people say what a wonderful any company is, and there are no negatives, well, beware, management lurks !
    As other previous employees of this company, I'm glad I left them too, it used to be a great place to work, great benefits, excellent pay and most of all respect, and normal stress levels.
    But, Call recording, measuring and criticizing everything you do, and I mean EVERYTHING.The stress levels are astronomical, never seen a place where there are so many people on burn-out, its just amazing. Management? please, give me a brake. The company can't keep their staff. Everyone is leaving, no experienced sales people left, or barely any as they all quit. Average seniority is about 2 years, think that MC Donald's is 7 years, it kind of gives you an idea. Sickening atmosphere, everyone is depressed, all the time. I'm so happy I left after so many years, and yes, me too I hoped that it would get better, but sadly its gotten worst..and its still getting worst. Not a place I'd recommend, even to my worst enemy ! Don't apply, as if they tell you their hiring procedure is very tough, tough to get in. Not true as they're desperate for staff, they're hiring just about anyone. Think of this, the shares have gone from $17 to 17 cents ! and large dept, it kind of gives you an idea where the Titanic is heading. They'll squeeze every last drop out of you and throw you out. Need a job? look somewhere else, no future here and besides, you want a job for a maximum of a year? ask around, there are chances you know someone who worked there, ask them, don't take my word. They say they're in the top 100 employers in Canada? Damn...those RH people are good...and think that those researches are done with RH and NOT with the employees as they'd be so far behind the pack.

    Posted on 10 December 2011 by Rater #18 | Flag as inappropriate

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The reason for YELLOW PAGES being a trash job, is that the people hired to train, to supervise and being told to show how to sell, are people who never sold anything in their lives, but were hired because COINCIDENTALLY used to work at call centers where there were great sales people, but the hired dude at YP was not one of them, and NEVER demonstrated, participated, or had anything to do with it, working instead on another campaign. Next, the call quality, is in the eye of the beholder, and the dog-and-pony show being run at YELLOW PAGES is the exact dog-and-pony show that was being run by the same circus master at another call center ( call center! not a real company) elsewhere in Montreal.

So there you have it ...a one-trick pony hired as a the jack-of-all trades for a company that makes no money anymore, and runs the place like a sewer.

Posted on 10 December 2011

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