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  • I'm actually going to come to Yellow Media's defense here. Sure this employer has gone downhill in recent years however I attribute that to the decay of their services no longer needed with changing times. I worked for Calgary YPG from 1997-2010 at which time I was laid off, knew it was obviously coming and given 2 months notice with a generous severance package. During my time there this place really honestly had culture, the management knew what was going on with my life to a point if and where and when it affected my work, they actually worked with me in this regard, there was actually a work life balance, good pay, good benefits, vacation - the whole 9 yards. There were always Xmas gift exchanges, potlucks almost every month, halloween decorating contests, etc.... the list goes on and on. Most of the people I work with were good and I really like that I could drive to work and not have to go downtown. The CEO has passed his primetime and needs to get out of there since. I have worked for a couple of companies since being laid off and they don't walk the talk and lack any sense of culture or anything else or management skills and any care or concern for their workforce. YPG did, I haven't been there for 2 years and sounds like things are going more & more downhill but when I was there I had some really good years there.

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