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Groupe Pages Jaunes


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Publishing, Printing, Media

  • Yellow Pages Group..... YPG..... Whatever you call it is very dishonest in its hiring practices. You will go through a telephone process prior to a meeting with the sales managers. During this time I encourage you to attempt to get a copy of the commission rates. It will not happen.

    Also try and get a them to walk you through the paperwork and back end requirements of the job. It is extraordinarily onerous by any ones standards. Expect to spend a minimum of 1 hour to complete your back end if everything goes perfectly. It can account for 70% of your work week at times. Since you are only paid for sales (over what the customer might renew) you can see where this curtails your earning potential.

    You will constantly be berated with useless reporting requests from your manager while at the same time be pressured into signing every legal release they can find for you.

    Commissions are held until you accumulate 6000.00 then you are only paid on whatever exceeds that amount. You are automatically signed up to a draw no matter if you like it or not. In effect if a rep is not careful he/she will owe their soul to the company store. Not unlike coal miners in a company town of the 1800's

    Everything at YPG comes with a thinly veiled threat it starts in training with the false claim that its possible to fail...its not. They need the warm bodies too badly to be that choosy.

    The top 100 employer status they are so proud of was not earned by speaking to a single member of the sales department. Without exception they work incredible hours in order to complete the required tasks in order to make a mediocre amount of money.

    If you have any other opportunities I would recommend that you explore them. YPG will always be hiring as the retention of their staff in the sales departments are terrible. No matter what they tell you as of the printing of this review,the star sales people will likely not hit the 86K per year they have been promised.

    Ask to speak to a rep or do a little search on your own. The number of people that are out there that have worked for YPG are numerous. Generally they are a little embarrassed however they will speak about their experiences in an honest manner to you if requested. Most are just surprised they were so easily misled by a supposedly reputable company.

    Get the facts, Get it in writing and make your own decision in the end your the one that has to live with it. In this day and age it gets harder and harder to reclaim the 6 - 12 months lost to a terrible decision.

    Basically this job is 30% sales 70 % admin. If your trying to make six figures plus it is near impossible while you are spending all of your time on 10 buck an hour jobs.

    Posted on 28 February 2010 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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