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Great Canadian Casinos

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Recreation

  • Great Canadian Casinos has been a decent enough employer over the years, however, as of late they have been pushing the Vision, Mission, and Values regime. This, on the surface appears to be a fantastic message, but they are going about it all the wrong way. The vision, mission, and values should be known for sure, but the way to encourage people to actually abide by them is to actively promote a fun, professional, and stand out environment. This is a business for sure but it takes its self to seriously. The casino needs to take a step back and understand why this place is no longer a current, interesting place to spend your money. The staff are bogged down by so many procedures that it makes the simplest task take twice as much focus and time. The casinos of today need a new attitude and a new way of engaging players and making it fun. More games like the "Sex in the City" machines and less machines like "Don Juan". More appearances by management on the floor and allow the floor staff a little leeway. it certainly should not be slack, however it is so ridged in there it looks like an investment office. Remember people this place was founded by carnies. As a former member of GCC Nanaimo i know you can all do better.

    Posted on 20 September 2012 by Rater #42 | Flag as inappropriate

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Yes! Get the government to take it over!!

Posted on 24 November 2012

100% control by government,run by government and me as a government
Employe,I like that who do I vote for,bye bye shittie GCC management

Posted on 19 November 2012

So true! If I hear that stupid grunt come from you know who one more time I'll slap her with the communications book. Sexual harassment from the slot manager too and all while the boss sits in his tower doing nobody even knows what other than saying cut more and more shifts while his little lap dogs talk about how much they hate it but just go along with it anyway. Way to rule with fear! I used to love coming in and now I can't wait to get out

Posted on 4 November 2012

You're right but don't say it too loud the last people to speak up about this were fired instantly in View royal! The one manager that walked the floor and actually talked to the staff was thrown after 18 years! We're not safe anymore one manager sits there and grunts at you like you're an idiot the other can't form her own opinion about anything and just says come back when someone else is in the office. Oh but VMV They will scream in your face about creating a culture. how many customer service training programs do we need before the real problem is taken care of? Upper management I take pride in how I deal probably more than most do but I can tell you the problem isn't us on the front line the problems are way higher

Posted on 24 September 2012

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