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Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Recruitment, Employment Services

  • I did not work as an employee but rather under contract. During the course of nearly five months I worked two assignments and let me say that one of them was dreadful! It sounded really good from speaking with the recruiter but after arriving on assignment and being told of how many people had left after their first shift I quickly started to wonder. I lasted nearly two months! not one day like most of the others! It was a part time position for me to supplement my primary job with excel and soon found that I could not and would not continue with this horrific position in a terrible office space! The other contract was not great either and even though it was in Quebec where minimum wage is only 9.50 I would have thought that the agency would have had the decency to match the wage with Ontarios 10.25 which is not too much to ask. The company is cheap and will pay you the bare minumum. The recruiters that I dealt with were not genuine but from reading previous comments I guess they hate where they work which would explain things. I hope that one day people will not have difficulties finding work in turn will put these greedy organizations out of business once and for all!!!! One word.....CHEAPSCAPES

    Posted on 13 June 2010 by Rater #5 | Flag as inappropriate

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