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Classic POS Inc.

Taille de l'entreprise : Non renseigné

  • I worked for this company for over 2 years and found them to be an exciting place to work. They are always on the cutting edge of programming work adding new options and features to their retail POS software programs.

    They also work with the latest operating platforms.

    The work is challenging and always fun. The office environment is neat and we had our own workstations which are reasonably private.

    We worked on our own and were essentially our own boss - we are not micro-managed which I found very nice.

    Our only responsibility was to provide reports on our work product - along with our invoices for our time to get paid.

    As long as you send in your stuff on time you got paid on time. I never had any problems in fact a couple of times when I got a little behind they paid anyway and gave me time to catch up.

    I found them to be a very good and reputable company to work for. After all they've been in business for some 20+ years.

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