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Canadian Forces


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Government and Public Administration

  • From a reserve POV, your are expendable and a slave until your rank up. The junior ranks sole purpose is to clean and get screamed at regardless if you are commissioned or not. That's okay if you have a strong will you will man up and pull through. Administration is all messed up. Everyone I know has problems with their pay, there is always mistakes and money missing. On course your "shift" is at minimum 18 hours. Your are constantly sleep deprived and kiss showers or clean socks goodbye for periods up to 5 days. Lots of gossip similar to high school. If you want to join shut your trap and learn and ask questions, if you are condescendant you will be destroyed and hated. Be ready to attend mandatory extremly overpriced diner parties that no one wants to go to (you get used to it). If you are joining the forces for the damn uniform then you are contributing to the problem by being a bag of sewer waste. In their POV they take priority over everything. Forces>Family, yourself, your career, school. Do not trust anyone above corporal unless you know them very well. Your officers are not your friends they are competition and will kick your sack the second your blink. It has it's cons and pros but for the amount of hours you work you can make more money outside of the Forces.

    Posted on 25 October 2014 by Rater #111 | Flag as inappropriate

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