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Cactus Club Cafe


Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Food, Beverage, Tobacco

  • Currently employed by Cactus Club Cafe at the Coal Harbour location as a BOH employee.

    I have been working here now since July of 2018.

    I'm actually quite surprised at some of the comments here about Cactus Club as an employer, however, I can't speak for the atmosphere or work standards of other locations.

    Personally, I love working here. My schedule has been accommodated numerous times without much question and I have been given raises a number of times. Flexibility here is very easy for us as we have at least 200 BOH employees

    Employees and management alike are all pretty friendly and outgoing with the few people here or there that may be annoying, but it's not difficult to shrug off.

    Management gets along well with everyone and from what I've seen over the past year everyone gets treated equally.

    Promoting from within is also something I have noticed that happens very often here. It seems like advancement isn't unattainable and actually very likely if your skills are suited. I myself have been in training for promotion.

    The training is hit-or-miss. Due to the sheer size of our location, there are a lot of trainers who may do things a little different from others and this causes sizable groups of people to be trained somewhat different to other groups which can been stressful for the whole kitchen and be a cause for argument.

    Benefits are pretty upsetting to say the least. If you're out of high school and not going into post-secondary, this job should be the last place to go to if you want a decent perks/benefits package. 50% off food only on shifts worked. No medical/dental/etc for full-time employees until the Sous Chef position which is highly contested because again, we have a massive number of BOH staff.

    As for hours, it can be pretty rough. Due to the nature of our location, it is hard to predict well exactly how much business we may get. This being because of cruise ships and conventions that are happening just mere minutes away. Because of this, it is common that we are over staffed and full-time people will be sent home every shift they work sometimes up to 4 hours early. This can create quite the financial crisis for some.

    On the contrary, because management was so understanding towards my life and needs, they have started to give me guaranteed hours and have made promises not to get "cut early" from my shift.

    Finally, I can agree with others that Cactus Club does somewhat have a high school atmosphere. There is a lot of drama and gossip and that goes on behind people's backs. But it's hardly the fault of the company. It's the industry and the employees that for the industry. Especially since Cactus tends to hire younger people (potentially more rude, you decide?). While this isn't everyone, it is very common. Don't let this deter you though as there are so many great people anyway who will make your shift go by in a breeze. Besides, regardless of where you work, there will always be drama and gossip.

    Over-all, while Cactus does have a number of faults, I think it can be a great fit for those are interested in working in the industry. It's good for future post-secondary students and those who just need some cash quickly. I would advise against trying to make it a career job unless you are dead set on remaining in the hospitality industry and truly enjoy and feel like you have a natural talent towards it.

    Since this is a Cactus Club as a whole rating, take other poster's words for it that it's true for their location, however, I feel like I have written as honestly as possible for Coal Harbour and I would recommend you at least try it out for a bit before writing it off completely to see if it could be a good fit for you.

    Posted on 22 August 2019 by Rater #31 | Flag as inappropriate

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