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  • I went trough the 3 months "trial" period and got fired immediately after for "not meeting the requirements." Basically if you're an amazing seller, they'll keep you. But you'll have to be comfortable with selling bullshit warranties, "configurations" and push the client to buy as much attachments as possible (mouse, keyboard, usb sticks).

    I liked and disliked the job. They were alright with schedules and understood that I'm a busy student. My colleagues were all nice people and the supervisors were competent in what they had to do. But you're always pressured to sell the services they have, because that's where they make money. They don't make money from selling a naked computer therefore you always have to push your clients with repair plans, warranties and configurations. Configurations are a big scam, I've seen colleagues lie about "is windows already on the computer?" by saying that it was on the hard drive but still needed complicated installation while in reality it's just to name the computer and enter a WiFi password.

    Basically your job is to be just like that annoying guy at any store that just wants to add numbers on your bill. But you're not even paid by commission, just minimum wage. Sometimes a clients tells you he wants "this computer" and you know he wont pay another 150$ bullshit services that he could do by googling some shit, his wallet is already crying. But when you get in the lock-up to grab the product, a boss fallows you in and asks you "did you tell him about the config? did you tell him about the warranties? did you suggest a monitor, a mouse, a screen cleaner, a keyboard, a keyboard duster and a usb key?" They want you to harass clients. In your training they tell "don't go on a full list of things they can buy, just talk about a few things" then they give you shit for not doing it. For fuck sake, this job is the reason people buy stuff online. Let the clients be and if they have questions answer them honestly.

    If you're willing to lie and be an annoying pressured salesman at minimum wage and no commission. Then this the perfect job for you. But keep in mind that if your numbers get low, they won't give a shit about giving you hours and will fire you if you're still in the trial 3 months. Your employment status depends on the clients' willingness to buy horse shit.

    Publié le 23 décembre 2016 par Évaluateur #83 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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