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Bureau en Gros


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I worked 4 months for this company and everything i remember from it was bad. Let's start with the "Managers":A bunch of uneducated folks with no highschool degrees, a high ego and a very bad attitude towards clients. Only 1 of them actually bothered to do his job right, all the others spent their shifts chit chatting, texting in front of employees and giving them morale lessons about how you must sell a lot of extended warranties or else you were a "bad employee".

    When i got hired, nobody bothered to show me my work contract, i didn't sign any papers, i was just thrown into the floor and told to follow the manager to "learn the procedures". They don't teach you anything relevant other than safety measures and how to use their overly complicated data system that crashes every 10 minutes, making the clients wait a long time to have a simple question answered. There is a very high turnover rate for a reason: They don't train their employees enough and they expect immediate results from them. I consistently ranked high in the weekly sales statistics, but after the holiday season, things slowed down, and 2 weeks of bad results were enough to get my ass fired for no valuable reason other than "you don't fit in the group very well". I don't know if this was even related to my sales or if one of the managers really disliked me and decided i'd be better off fired (I never had any disputes with anyone there). It seems like no matter how hard you work, overnight your job can turn to a nightmare and managers decide they can just get rid of you for some stupid reason. They don't even have the balls to tell you the real problems and then wonder why they're stuck hiring new people every month or so.

    This company has a very bad habit of blaming it's bad results on the lower-end employees, who get constantly threatened with the loss of hours if they don't sell enough warranties. They literally encourage you to lie and mislead the client as much as you can just so you get a sale. I guess they blame the lower end workers just to protect themselves, since if management looked into their store managers, they would find that a lot of them are there for their paychecks and don't contribute to this company at all. Many of them are dead weight and you just wonder what the hell they are doing as "managers" when you're juggling between clients and see them relax on the counter with their cellphones on hand.

    The work atmosphere is very stressful with so much pressure on your back. The older employees are extremely arrogant and act as if they are untouchable, and the youngsters that get hired constantly get blamed for everything that's related to the store's results. There is also favoritism, with some people getting promoted for the sole reason they are friends with the director, while you see them do sweet fuckall during their shifts and delegating work to you.

    It's not even a decent job for the students seeking part time hours, because the constant pressure is just not worth the wage you make.

    Posted on 28 March 2016 by Rater #80 | Flag as inappropriate

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Ohhh I could write this comment.. same in my store.. soooooooooooooo frustratring

Posted on 21 December 2016

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