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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • Ive been working at staples business depot for about 3 years now, started there as a co-op student for highschool credits and was immediately hired on. One thing ive always loved about my store is the staff, and while obviously this wont apply to all stores, it also means there are many that have great managers and associates in their team. Funny, laid back goal-oriented guys and girls that are the lifeblood of our store. (for the record ive worked in 3 different stores, im a sales associate/assistant to our easytech technician in my current store)

    Yes, management does get shuffled around once in awhile but fresh faces can sometimes be good, and you know that the managers you know arent far away running another store somewhere. For the record, again, ive worked under 8 different managers, the store has 2 or 3 working together generally, only had 1 i didnt like and he was a temp)

    Managers know how to run the store, very flexible with hours and worked around my college schedule so i still get shifts. Super supportive and easy to talk to with any ideas or complaints.
    Pay is decent, but better if you move to consulting, and its quite normal in my area for consultants to train to be managers.
    Work is easy and enjoyable because of the people around me, we're all friends and frequently go out for pizza and beers (christmas was awesome one guy was so hammed haha)

    In other reviews i see a lot of 'you need to sell warranties or they boot you' and 'warranties are idiot taxes'. I could not disagree more. Staples exists, like any other business, to make money and fill a niche in the crowded marketplace, that should be obvious.
    Attachments (extras on your reciept e.g. Warranties cables inks etc) are what male the company money, but youre never written up for not selling or yelled at. Staples tells you to try and create a complete solution for the customer, thats your job. If someone buys a printer you ask them if they need paper, if they do great if not no manager is gonna ride your ass for not getting it.

    On the flip side if you fail hardcore at speaking to your customer and asking questions, and dont even try to get what the customer might GENUINELY NEED, yeah, youre not doing your job. No wonder you dont work here anymore. This doesnt reflect the company, it reflects either poor sales skills or a garbage attitude, both of which suggest to management that this job isnt for you. If you were them youd think the same thing, so why is anyone surprised?

    As far as warranties go, i think price-wise theyre on par with anyone elses, and ive seen them save customers tons of money in the past.
    E.g. Customer buys 3 year laptop warranty $149.99
    Customers power adapter and battery stop working, thats at least $120 already, and most of the time the hard drives fail too, so thats what another 50-60 bucks, probably more depending on the drive. And the warranty center reinstalls windows for you too, which at pc repair shops is worth AT LEAST 50 dollars more, but around here usually $100.

    The important thing to remember about warranties is that theyre about peace of mind. No, you might not use the warranty, and in all honesty i hope you dont have to. But realistically, you will for at least the battery. And for people who dont know jack about computers, maybes its worth $149 to be able to take it to someone and say 'hey, i paid to have these parts replaced by you at no extra charge' and leave it to us to find parts and install them.

    In summary, best/easiest job ive ever had, definitely a keeper, at least until i find something to start a career in after college in a couple years.

    Posted on 22 January 2012 by Rater #32 | Flag as inappropriate

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