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  • Honest truth... don't even bother with them, they're not worth your time! The company as a whole is laughable. They treat people as if they are expendable. The training is a joke, they 'motivate you' to sell their crap with cheap ploys and reprimand you and hold back what they call rewards if you are unable to for whatever reason. Over work you and under pay you. If you manage to make it to one of their 'higher levels' the expectations go through the roof even though you get no training or mentoring. If you don't comply to what they expect (even though they show no sign of even trying to help you) they bully you into quitting by threatening to fire you. The management program is hilarious (disgusting)considering what they let walk through the door as a manager outright compared to what hoops they make their staff jump through to get there is unreal. They also try and hire as many immigrants as possible because they put up less of a fight about what they (the company) are doing. The turn over rate is high because people are unwilling to put up with it all which makes working there a nightmare as you have to constantly carry someone new, which they make you responsible for. The stress they put you under is disgusting and the person who started the company should be ashamed that his or her company has turned into this. Oh and on top of all of this they won't give you a reference, regardless of how well you performed... "company policy" is what I was told.

    Publié le 15 mars 2014 par Évaluateur #75 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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All if this is totally accurate.... Touched too close to thumbs down and it logged it as such and won't let you change your choice....

Publié le 2 août 2018

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