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  • I have worked for sStaples for 7 years now and would recommend it to anyone. I started in a part time sales position and have worked my way to Senior Tech consultant, would be a manager already but deylaed my entry into the MD (managment devolpment) program for personal reasons. I have found my managers especially my GM supportive every step of the way consistent great feedback, i quite like the constrictive feedback from reviews (got highly effective on my last two going for number three). In my store they are always understandable about time off for holidays vaction or family emergency. I hope to work for the company for another 7 years. I would recomend Staples to anyone in a heart beat

    Publié le 22 août 2012 par Évaluateur #3 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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Since you like "constrictive" reviews - here is one for ya.
You sound like a puppet hired to rate Staples here.

Publié le 26 août 2013

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