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  • ok....the saying at bison goes, this company is crap, but its a nicer piece of crap then most of the others. IF you get a nice truck and can manage to drive 12,500 miles a month you get to keep it. If not they take it away and you are doomed to drive unassigned slip seat junkers as a "part time" sub 12,500 mile driver. They never ask you to go over your hours, but will dispatch you on trips you cant do with your hours. They will ask you to start a trip when you have 3 hours left. THey will ask you to start a new trip when you have 1 hour of your window left. THey will ram loads down your throat until you refuse to go because of your hours. They will never ask you to use unsafe equiptment but will assign you equiptment that is KNOWN to have problems, and you have to refuse it before it gets fixed. They will never ask you to take an overweight load, but they will assign you a load that is known to be too heavy. All of these things are done in the hopes you will JUST GO, and if you get a ticket YOUR FAULT!

    THe name of the game with bison is to piss and moan and complain about everything to get what you need. No one listens unless you scream louder then the other 5 drivers also crying about whatever. Refusing equiptment and loads is a daily thing if you try to follow their policies you can never leave the yard. They never force you, but be prepared to lose half your day if you try following their rules. The only fail safes at this place is drivers refusing for safety, otherwise do whatever you want just dont get caught. Also, enjoy switching trailers 3 times a day, as they love having loads sit in the yard for 3 days then drop the hot load on any random driver that walks in the door.

    THe office staff is way too huge and I dont know what all these people do. THey have an auditing department checking log books weekly, while the safety department teaches drivers how to fudge their logs in such a way it does not get flagged by the auditing department.

    finally, they pay all empty miles. Enjoy running empty miles at least 40% of the time. It is rediculous how many empty miles they run. Dispatch does not even try to cut down on empty miles, if the nearest pre loaded is 600 miles from you, you are driving 600 miles empty to get it. They send bobtails deep into the US to get trailers. THe y send turnpikes from calgary to winnipeg with 2 empties. If there is no load available at your location, they send you an empty move to the next drop yard, just to give you a load to do. They never make drivers wait for layover, your stupid long empty moves are assigned before you are even unloaded, no matter how long the empty move is. All paid, but they cant provide drivers with a pair of gloves, and any supplies you need are bought from the company store and deducted off your paycheck.

    If you like doing as you are told without ever questioning it, not caring if the work you are doing is stupid, and dont mind losing hours all the time becuase following company policy means you can never start your trip for 6 hours, then bison is for you!

    Posted on 16 December 2012 by Rater #3 | Flag as inappropriate

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Are you sure you worked at Bison? I have been there for over 4 years and NEVER had even one of the issues you have mentioned. It is by far the best co. I have worked for.

Posted on 12 January 2015

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