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  • I have worked for Bison Transport for three years now as a turnpike driver. The difference between Bison and another employer based out of Lethbridge, AB. with big red trucks, is night and day. Bison cares about their employees, their health and well being, their needs and also really tries to do their best when it comes to family time. Sometimes it does not work out, but usually does (it is trucking after all). The two things that would make this company better, is better interdepartmental communication and assigned units with spares like it used to be two years ego. Dispatch has always treated me with respect (of course I always returned the favor maybe that's why), my pay cheques have always been right and any extra moneys owing were always been paid out for items like detention pay. Bison prides itself on safety and if you follow company policy and procedures, they will reward you. In closing if you are looking for a company with structure and tired of being run like if you had wings, give Bison a shot. I am certainly happy here. The only thing that drives me nuts, is the dumb a55 4wheelers around me. We will leave that topic for some other time.

    Posted on 21 February 2012 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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Your a Pike driver,not long haul, that in it self is night and day at bison.

Posted on 6 August 2017

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