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  • Please stay away from this company. Upper management will tell you that they are all about the employee mental health etc...and yet they never checked on any of the employees. Upper management is too worried about themselves and money that they will throw anyone under the bus. Many of the front line workers that I worked alongside with were above and beyond fantastic and gave 110 percent for the kids. Upper management did not recognize any of the hard work that these employees put into this job and there were countless times where the company overworked the great employees to the point of exhaustion. Also there are two TL's who are a couple and go out of their way to try and fire employee's wh othey don't like...so that's fun. If you like working 14-16 hour days, getting little recognition and being un supported by upper management, then this job is for you. You'll start to age like Obama did during his presidency. Your days off are "recovery days" and you'll have a difficult time getting out of bed. In conclusion: If you hate yourself and want to feel like you're living in hell, apply to this job!


    Posted on 6 March 2019 by Rater #35 | Flag as inappropriate

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