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  • Alta Care is not a place I would recommend to anyone. They give off the vibe of a fair weather friend. Training provided is awesome, working in group homes is great, and immediate supervisors are all fantastic. Scheduling keeps you at 80hrs to avoid burnout,but you might work 70 in a week. Nothing like what they say. I talked to a bunch of older employees and they all had negate stories to tell that made me a little wary. I had a monthly supervision saying I was an excellent employee, and was fired a week later for reaching out to a coworker during a mental health crisis. I have heard several former employees are suing them. If you need more proof than that, almost all of my training group has quit, and they have monthly hiring sessions for the same positons. Turnover rate is because if you aren't absolutely 100% fantastic, management will drop you. Pay is good though so if you can squeak out a couple of months and get a load of training you could maybe consider them. Personally they caused stress to a youth I was working with and I will never forgive them for it.

    Posted on 29 July 2017 by Rater #29 | Flag as inappropriate

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