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Agence du revenu du Canada


Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Gouvernement et Administration publique

  • If you are a student beware of the CRA. The payroll department at the CRA is very outdated. Therefore if you as a student need to take a day or so off work (if you are working part time) to study for an exam or prepare a paper, the internal payroll systems of the CRA cannot handle the change. What happened to me is that 4 months after I stopped working for the CRA as a student I got a bill for over a thousand dollars. When I contacted them and raised the issue they told me it was less. So the CRA has no idea of what is in fact owed and they couldn't explain to me how they got their figures. Therefore if you as a student work for the CRA beware if you take any time off, even if you get your manager's permission and fill in all the right forms you may get a big wopping bill after your stop working for them. Their systems are so ineffective they can't keep track of what the correct hours are. So watch out for the CRA. This is your warning and please take it to heart. This has happened to many, many students who have worked for the CRA.

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