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Agence du revenu du Canada


Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Gouvernement et Administration publique

  • I loved working for CRA! They have a wonderful work/life balance and, although there is a lot of bureaucracy, you really can't expect anything else since it IS the federal gov't afterall! If you go in understanding that then the politics won't bother you. There is a lot of room for advancement based on your skills and competency and if you're really good, they will do whatever they can to keep you. If I'd not moved to AB I would still be at the Surrey Tax Centre. Best benefits and time off I've ever seen!

    Publié le 17 mars 2012 par Évaluateur #4 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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Eh? Advancement? Competency = you can BS good in words

Publié le 29 octobre 2012

This is part of a Workopolis article for 2012.

The 10 Best Jobs of 2012

Software Engineers
Human Resources Manager
Dental Hygienist
Financial Planner
Occupational Therapist
Online Advertising Manager
Computer Systems Analyst
The 10 Worst Jobs of 2012

Dairy Farmer
Enlisted Military Soldier
Oil Rig Worker
Newspaper Reporter
Waiter/Waitress, Meter Reader

Publié le 26 avril 2012

Great! If you don't mind working for pirates. CRA = Banker Stealing Canadian Wealth Organization, founded for the sole purpose of paying off bankers for interest on un-necessary loans caused by the banker lobby begging government to borrow money from them. So if you don't mind stealing from honest folk for the wicked bankers, go ahead and join their ranks.

Publié le 25 avril 2012

So far, the fed govt military people are out posting the fed govt taxation people in the ratemyemployer ratings web site. This is like a sports game score board.

Publié le 7 avril 2012

HAH! The military DND seems to have out done the CRA in the hot good employers lists for ratemyemployer. The CRA will have to get more of its staff members to post perfect ratings in order to beat the government military people. It is like the DND and CRA are competing head to head to recruit new members?

Publié le 26 mars 2012

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