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ZTE Canada

Taille de l'entreprise : Moyenne (50 - 499 employés)

Industrie : Télécommunications

  • Wow! Lots of comments here to sort through and distinguish the real from the fake. I will say that reading some of these comments it appears that a lot of the positive reviews and oddly placed press releases seem to be the work of management or the employees that are in the country on visitor visas and working illegally. Take heed!

    Let me lay it out to you straight and you can make your own decision from there.

    The Good - Convenient location on the subway line. Lots of nice people that are great workers and very smart. Get to work in the P&G building where they will invite you to the Employee Sales and you can take advantage of P&G's subsidized cafeteria every day.

    The Bad - Pay is below average. They tend to bring you on as an Incorporation on contract with the promise of full time with benefits but that day will never come for you. Clear cultural divide amongst the Chinese Nationals and the Canadian workers. There is absolutely no succession planning or increases given until you have a foot out of the door. I've been witness to many corrupt practices that I have not witnessed in any other company I've worked in.


    All in all, if you're out of a job and need some income this place will get you through the gap until you find a decent place to work. Just be prepared for what you are getting yourself into.

    There you have it!

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