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Winners Merchants Inc.


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • Working there now for 2 years as MPC . At the beginning it seemed great. But since then I have been bullied, harassed, belittled by upper management and I am a coordinator. The part time staff get better acknowledgement then all the coordinators in our store, all 4 of us our under extreme scrutiny all the time. Workload is extremely heavy, alot expected in the hours you work. We are not to talk to each other about anything concerning work and are called on it if they see us talking. Managements open door policy works only when its in favor of them, other why it is used against you. Favoritism is a huge problem, if your not in the right click then your treated like your stupid.
    There is no couching your just expected to figure out what they want. No HR available to you when management talks to you. And first question HR ask have you talked to your managers, so if the problem is them that hard to handle. My work ethics are great and they can't deny it, but they don't like my tone. I seem to have no problems with 98% of staff have fun and laugh with them. But 2% are in the click and I am not so they make my life miserable. The upper management contradict things and each other continuously which is frustrating. I am looking for work else where but have to stay till then as I need the money to support my family. Would not recommend working for TJX take something else...

    Posted on 1 July 2015 by Rater #58 | Flag as inappropriate

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