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Winners Merchants Inc.


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I started working here recently; I figured it couldn't be any worse than working for a terrible supervisor at Zellers. Sadly, I was wrong.

    The managers are so condescending. At first they "train" you to do practically every job in the store...which involves very little actual instruction. I guess they expect you to remember absolutely everything the first day. They have the weirdest schedule. The hours are very inconsistent and you can be scheduled in almost any area (which is partly why it's so hard to get the hang of your job!!!) I'm still half-lost about what to do, but the manager somehow thinks it's my fault and that I'm a terrible employee. I try to work hard, tidy as much as I can, and be as useful as possible...but the place is so badly organized that I'm always scared I should be doing something else. If I ask the manager what he wants me to do, he just stares at me like I'm an idiot and then gives me an impossible task (e.g. trying to make "features" of clothing when we don't have 3+ of the same item). I'm basically forced either to do it incorrectly or not do it at all...in any case an hour later he gets mad at me for not being able to do the impossible task. It's a lose-lose situation all the time.

    It's funny because all the training manuals are like "It's ok to ask questions, and a few mistakes are expected at first!" Yeah, right.

    However, I think my store would be much better with different management. The coordinators are all really nice and good at their jobs. The other employees seem nice enough, too. But I just dread working with those managers every day. (And they wonder why they have such a high turnover)

    Posted on 19 March 2014 by Rater #45 | Flag as inappropriate

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