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Winners Merchants Inc.


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I have been working at Winners for almost a year. At first, I was excited since they boasted so much about how diverse, supportive, and great it is to work at Winners. I worked my butt off. I am one of the best cashiers (coordinates constantly tell me I'm great at my job), im one of few who know how to actually process clothes properly. When I get my yearly review, I only score satisfactory in everything! My raise was only 26 cents compared to my friend who worked there less than me and didn't know how to do all the positions I did got a 40 cent raise! Made me feel very disappointed. Like everything I've done went completely unrecognized. Management is TERRIBLE. If you make a mistake, they complete bully you to the point you are scared to tell them you've made a mistake. So much so that coworkers blame each other to not get in trouble. One of my managers is even kinda racist! He basically said that non-white workers are not good. He disgusts me. This guy also called a fellow associate ugly to her face. He acts like he has so much power and is so condescending to you. Customers are rude. Especially in the fitting rooms, they will dump their inside out clothes on you and walk away. I will be the only one processing in the fitting rooms with two full roll bars (because they don't train anyone how to do stuff) and when I call for help they say front line needs everyone. WAY too under staffed all the time. Working there is so suffocating. I just want to get out. They give you 6 hour and 45 minute shifts so they don't have to give you a 45 minute-UNPAID- for break. Absolutely ridiculous place. Employees come and go so quickly. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT WORK HERE!!!

    Posted on 12 April 2015 by Rater #56 | Flag as inappropriate

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