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Vancouver Coastal Health

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Soins de santé, Assistance sociale

  • When I was a patient at VGH under VCH I was treated excellent with my care and my cardiac surgery went well. As an employee working for VCH it's very different. It depends on who your supervisor or manager is. I can't speak for other departments but in the maintenance department the managers do not support advancement or training for employees, they would rather hire a person off the street rather than to provide some internal training if the employee has some of the qualifications for the job. The vacation and benefits are good. The pay could be better. In 2004 almost half of the employees in BC Healthcare received a wage rollback from the Liberal government that were in at the time. It took allot of us to work up until 2018 to reach the wages that we were at before the rollback in 2004. My advice try to avoid the land mines and just focus on your own work. The HR Advisors working in the Employee Engagement Dept or Human Resources Dept often bully employees. It's how they speak to an employee, threaten by saying "You may be disciplined " You may face termination" Just ignore and don't be intimidated by any such bullying or harassment. Employees as well as Managers and HR Advisors are not allowed to bully other employees. I would advise not seeking help using the internal complaint process that VCH has for reporting bullying. I have observed that the HR Advisor assigned to help that is being bullied may blame the employee for being bullied rather than investigating facts. I have witnessed if a manager does not like an employee or listens to rumours that are not true then the manager may hinder an employee when that person is trying to move to another worksite or department. I have seen all too often managers hiring employees on the outside first when we have internal qualified employees ready and wanting to do job they applied for. VCH is a union worksite, there is a process that suppose to be followed for internal applicants before they hire externally and the internal process under the agreement is not always followed. I have witnessed Care aid employees work to upgrade their nursing skills and pass their LPN exams only to find out that their own worksite under VCH will not hire them as an LPN no explanation from the manager as to why this is being done, therefor they often will get a job at a different work site. Another case of a clerk working for one of VCH's hospital sites made a small error. No life was lost, no person or patient was effected, matter of fact this employee had a doctor's note of her illness to explain the circumstances and the time off. The VCH site manager disagreed and wanted to terminate this employee. The employee did nothing wrong to merit termination or any discipline, and managent had known this. The manager and HR Advisor bullied and threatened an employee to sign their own resignation. Stating that if he/she resigned then the site manager would give this employee a good reference. Unfortunately the employee did not have good representation with them in the meeting and therefore signed the resignation under duress.
    My advice, try to keep your head down and avoid getting too
    Involved with the politics. Go to your immediate supervisor or
    manager if you are bullied. If the problem continues or if the bully is a manager than an employee can seek
    some outside advice, labour lawyer, BC Human Rights Commision, file a claim with Worksafe BC. If the employee is in a union, the employee has the right to file a harassment grievance and note the violations in their agreement. When filing the grievance appeal, for Remedy always put some dollar figure and to be made whole.

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