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  • I had just finished school studying IT and network administration and when I had applied to this company, I was hired quite quickly with this and I felt it is due to the President's and management's ability to recognize talent and skill.
    Right off the bat I was presented with many challenges from many different clients and I must say, this ended up being an excellent job for someone looking to get their foot in the industry. It literally allowed me to apply everything I learned in school and it's been a constant learning experience since. If you are willing to accept the fact that you will consistent be challenged, work under pressure situations and face lots of different circumstances then there is no reason to complain about this employer.

    I was happy with this job, in fact I received a promotion less than 3 months into the job so there is also lots of room to move up with this employer. They recognize hard work and determination which most of my previous employers would usually look at my progress as something to fear instead of viewing it as an advantage like USI does.

    I read some of these other negative reviews and from the sounds of it, it seems most people are complaining due to the fact that they wanted something complacent and repetitive, a straight forwar 9 to 5 type job. This company is not like that, it's an up and down and side to side type job things are always changing and new challenges that make you think occur on the regular and it simply is not a fitting job for everyone.
    I had a perfectly fine relationship with the President and the rest of the management team.

    I truly enjoyed the teamwork in this environment, everyone looks out for each other and we all solved problems together, a proper family atmosphere and maybe some people are just not used to such an environment.

    Like in any job with any employer, if you don't do your work or you exaggerated your skills to get the job, you will be exposed and of course the President or your manager is going to give you grief for it. What do you expect? That they sit back silently while you try to hide your shortcomings in your job or your inability to complete the tasks you are responsible for completing? You shouldn't be surprised that you are being reprimanded for not fulfilling the responsibilities of your job or completing the tasks assigned to you. As long as you do your job with this employer, there is nothing to complain about.

    Overall I would recommend USI to anyone, a great employer that provides you with a good job, a decent pay and most importantly an excellent opportunity to enter the technology industries and develop yourself as well as your career.

    Publié le 2 janvier 2016 par Évaluateur #10 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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