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  • I started out working for Union Strategies Inc. as a Freelance Writer. I was always treated fairly by the manager and president. After expressing my interest in a full-time position with Union Strategies, I was re-interviewed and subsequently hired on. When I joined the company full-time, I found management to be helpful and patient when I was training. During that time, the company was growing and more staff was coming on board as well.

    The staff who came on I found to be strong communicators and team players who were serious about doing a good job and getting their share of work complete. Because we were like-minded that way, it made for a successful work environment. If at any point a mistake was made, I was never reamed out or embarrassed, but always spoken with patiently and respectfully. I was always given trust and was never micro-managed to do my job; in fact, it was quite the opposite. I was given the trust and freedom to ensure my department runs smoothly and my work was valued and acknowledged. If I had any concerns, they were taken seriously and dealt with in a satisfactory manner.

    Another thing that stood out to me was that the president always made sure we could do our job in a way that was easiest for us. If our staff needed some specialized equipment to improve work efficiencies, we were given it without hesitation.

    At one point I became ill for several weeks. The team rallied together to fill in for me and keep me informed about ongoing projects and work that was completed. If I could do some work, I did; but if I couldn’t, it was never a problem. The president and team members first and foremost wanted to see me healthy and I never felt pressure to return to work unwell. As well, if a day off was needed, it was granted.

    There was always time for work and play and it made coming to work a pleasurable experience. My only concern after being hired on was that we needed more staff, but within a few weeks, we were fully staffed and the work was fairly shared.

    I had to leave the company full-time, but not for reasons relating to Union Strategies. In fact, the president extended his help if I needed anything from him after leaving the company. I respect my former colleagues and enjoyed the work, and would, without hesitation, recommend anyone to work for this company.

    Posted on 7 February 2014 by Rater #2 | Flag as inappropriate

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