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  • Pros: You are guaranteed to move up in this company if you are capable. Management gives you credit for good work and lets you know if you're not on the right track (you get an evaluation once a year, and it's usually a positive experience for most). You have say in the idea process for the inner workings of the company, and management is very sympathetic to employees (family emergencies, if the work is stressful, etc.). The pay is above what you would normally get paid for doing the same type of work.

    Cons: The work can be very stressful, there is a steep learning curve for the training process, and there are very strict rules about using the common workspaces and your desks (you have to clean off your desk three times a week, and you're not allowed to personalize your workspace, and you can't listen to music, which can be droning when you are doing data entry). The environment can be a little depressing (especially during December, when all of the work is doubled). The president of the company has too much say in the daily workings of the company, but doesn't really understand them, which can be frustrating.

    All in all, middle and upper management is great; they don't bully you or only come out of their offices to only tell you what you're doing wrong (which has been my experience in most office settings). Although some micromanagement is still a problem, this is a great place for an in-between job. You might just want to stay.

    Posted on 21 November 2011 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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