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  • This is a research assistant job. I would say only do this RA role for the money. I feel quite certain that you will not learn anything or grow as a researcher from this experience, apart from what not to do. There is no support from the professor (or co-investigators) and very unclear instructions. Unreasonable deliverables and deadlines, yet they refuse to pay overtime if you go over the weekly totals to meet their requested deadlines. There is an absence of leadership all around which leads to issues working within the team, and when you ask for help to deal with team issues or try to clarify team goals, they would blame you for not getting along with people. It has been an immensely stressful experience for a mere dozen or so hours a week. Team communications are constant. Work is being asked to be done with a short turnaround, yet you won't get any feedback until the next deadline is looming and then everyone is scrambling, again. You're using your own equipment/supplies in your own home, as all the work is virtual. Again, I would say do this job if you just need a job and some extra money. But if you're looking for a role that develops relationships, grows your research knowledge and capacity, and feels supportive and collaborative, this is not it.

    Posted on 5 November 2020 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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