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  • Initially was excited to work for such a successful business. However, after a few weeks of working it was clear that both managers had no regard for anyone but themselves, with no professional conduct or composure between them. The owner is very quick to blame everyone else but herself for procedures that are outdated and no longer work. The Male manager seems to favours female employees and lets them do whatever they please. Leaving myself especially to work regardless of my health. Bringing it up just makes people turn on each other.

    In the contract, it was outlined our pay rate would increase after the training period which seemed very straightforward, however, 6 months on that increase was not made and avoided in discussion whenever brought up. Certain employees have been able to take multiple holidays and left others working a lot more than they should have to. When asking to take holidays myself, it was outright refused.

    I myself have tried countless times to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but it has gotten to a point where my hard work is clearly to cover for others and their laziness.
    I really would not recommend working here unless you have no emotion and no regard for your own wellbeing

    Posted on 9 March 2019 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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