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  • This is an extremely immature organization that does not respect employees' rights under the Employment Standards Act.

    The manager is extremely insulting and refuses to allow employees to take any breaks.

    Someone needs to tell the Manager that in Ontario workers are required by law to go on a break with no interruptions, not to stop taking a break and serve customers.

    If this Manager does it like it then I suggest someone tell him that's just too bad.

    Also, the organization needs to learn to keep their hands to themselves. Stop hugging and touching employees its inappropriate.

    They also have a HR employee who does not know how to conduct themselves. HR personnel circling employees spying on them & making false allegations without obtaining facts first.
    Also, employees on their cell phone all day checking their Instant Messaging very annoying having to listen to the non-stop of dinging every time they receive a message on their cell.

    I suggest that Toronto Hydro Credit Union Learn familiarize themselves about the the Human Rights Policy and code and the Ministry of Labour Employment Standards Act.

    It's illegal to interfere with an employee's right to take a break and its also illegal to violate one's Human Rights.

    Also, the Manager needs to know that expecting an employee to continue training after work is unacceptable.

    Stay away from this company its not run by professionals.

    Posted on 5 February 2020 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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