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  • As the other reviews have made note, pushing cell phones onto every single customer is not simply recommended it is enforced. I was fired without notice for not reaching my cell phone targets despite the fact that I was a loyal and punctual employee. I've been straight up told by two different managers that nothing in the store matters aside from cell phones even though the Source is over 90% consumer electronics and it's what the vast majority of customers come into the store looking for day to day. You're told that the elderly couple looking for a watch battery are an opportunity to sign two year phone, satellite, and internet contacts and when they obviously give you a "no" you're told that it's your fault for not forcing it hard enough. Top sales associates often lie to customers about essential details knowing that they will make commission regardless of long term consequences for the customer or the company. If you aren't willing to sacrifice your ethics in order to maximize numbers than you're supposedly holding "the team" back while simultaneously having to compete with everyone for commissions. The store's reputation in our community is down the drain due to this predatory behavior and their HR department will give you no sympathy when they terminate you for not selling enough phones. I watched multiple employees some with over 5 years experience get dropped to part time out of the blue simply to cut costs. Scummy company that encourages scummy behavior, avoid like the plague.

    Posted on 21 August 2017 by Rater #12 | Flag as inappropriate

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