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  • Absolutely horrendous.
    I was assaulted by another member of the team ON CAMERA and no punishment ever occurred. Despite The Source's 0 tolerance for assault/harassment policy, this person consistently hit their mobility and home service targets and therefore was allowed to continue. As I submitted complaints with HR (which did NOTHING) and the labor board, I found out I was not the only person to have this problem.
    Their "vision" is very Drink the Koolaid, Kids! and you will be accosted for not taking advantage of mentally disabled and elderly people as an "easy sell."
    This is NOT a student-friendly organization (even as part time you will be scheduled 40 hours a week in December, even if you book days off for exams) and there is no easily accessible resources for your mental well-being in such a competitive environment.
    The only benefit to this job is the commission - but even that is kind of a rip off. They make it impossible for you to breakdown exactly how much commission is put on each paycheque vs how much they claim you make. Follow the money and all you get is a dead end and a few lousy explanations from your store manager.

    Posted on 15 August 2017 by Rater #11 | Flag as inappropriate

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