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  • As of right now, when you get hired as a contract worker, you get a $500 bonus. You will not make commission or "spiff" (what you get when you sell services) in this time until you become a part-time associate.
    Management for this company is in complete disarray. They get rid of store managers like it's going out of fashion, have a hiring team that doesn't understand what we need in associates because they never worked as one, and because the turn around is so terrible for store managers, don't expect to be trained very well. Store managers are usually still trying to understand their job for a good year or two because they don't get any training from assistant managers to sore managers.
    When it comes down to what you will be doing day-to-day as a sales associate, it's the more phones/Bell home services you sell, the less grunt work you are expected to do. Each individual has a set target to hit every week and every month in new activations, hardware upgrade (existing Bell/Virgin members), and Bell home services. Just like most other posters here have said, you MUST harass EVERY customer that walks in with any and preferably all three services. Be prepared for that. Every day. You manager and if not, district manager will be asking.
    Management can and will refuse you days off without reason at any time in the year. Do not expect to have a personal or family life balance when you work here.
    If you have never been in sales before, please do not put yourself through the mental strain of working for The Source. Bell isn't worth it.

    Posted on 27 October 2016 by Rater #7 | Flag as inappropriate

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