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The Herjavec Group


Size of company: Small (1 - 49 employees)

Industry: IT: Services

  • There is a two-tiered class system if you are not one of the 'cool kids', you'll know and be treated accordingly. For the second-class citizens, the culture is deplorable, morale is low, more time is spent gossiping versus progressing the business. Recommendations for strategic innovation/development is met with short-sightedness, encouraging employees to stay in their box. There is real talent amongst the ranks, but they are often stifled by the limits of the leadership team, and ultimately are pushed from passionate loyal employees to being indifferent and ultimately leaving for companies where their talents are better valued, it's a real shame. There is no sense of transparency with respects to salaries and promotions, you can come in as a manager and be promoted to VP 6 months later, with your pay doubled and a company car, or you could stumble along being underpaid and overworked for years, beg for a raise, only be given pennies and then told to be grateful for the morsels you received, there really isn't anything in-between. Everything is urgent (except discussions around personal development, or salary increases). Everything that you receive to action today, needed to be completed yesterday, and it's your fault that it is not yet completed, regardless of the fact that it sat on someone else's desk for 3 weeks while they did nothing with it. It's a symptom of the reactive short-sighted nature of how the culture operates. Closing the deal trumps everything, including business processes, current and future resource capabilities, and human decency. The end of the quarter is the worst, illogical tactics are used to meet quarterly numbers...the project hasn't technically finished? no problem, we'll invoice them anyway..which leads to a slew of customer satisfaction challenges. The sales reps appear to hold significant power, without any sense of responsibility, which leads to downstream operational challenges that others are left to manage. The org chart changes every six months. Bullying is an accepted cultural norm.

    Posted on 13 September 2017 by Rater #24 | Flag as inappropriate

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