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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Telecommunications

  • Telus seems to be stuck in a downward spiral when it comes to how they treat their employees. Over pressurization, veiled threats, intimidation, and horrendous internal communication between departments and team members have turned the insides of this company into a slurry of toxicity and confusion. Less and less recognition is given to front line people, and they have created a two tier work division between technicians (paid $35/hour) and Home Technicians ($25/hour) - both of these groups do exactly the same work with minor exceptions in role. This division further adds to the promotion of a toxic work environment. Further to that, constantly changing metrics that are impossible to meet keep getting shoved down our throats. There is a new sales initiative where all front line members are now expected to sell even more to our customers, if we cannot do this during work hours then we our encouraged to take “home work” home and sell to our friends and family, or pick a neighbourhood to go door too door in. If these metrics are not met we have been told that our jobs are in jeopardy; if we meet these metrics they simply increase the metric itself. The cycle never ends. The CRTC has mandated against door to door sales agents due to the shady nature of their sales practices, the company has found a loophole by turning regular employees that already are booked up with tasks to do de facto sales persons. I would strongly recommend avoiding this company and find a place that will actually encourage your growth. In the coming months I will be quitting.

    Posted on 7 July 2019 by Rater #433 | Flag as inappropriate

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