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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Telecommunications

  • Telus used to be a fantastic place to work, with aspirations to excel in ones career and move forward in the company. How ever, in the past year and a half alone, things have taken a turn for the worse. What was once considered a career, is now just considered another job in which to get a pay cheque.

    The recognition in the company is a complete disgrace. When once we were rewarded for a job well done, there is little to no recognition within the company any more. Our statistics in which our performance review are based on, went from being meaningful to strictly based on sales. Telus has always been "customer experience", how ever, sales seem to be the main focus across the company now. When you hear customers complaining about services that are not working accordingly, its not hard to believe as when a technician walks into the home, their main focus is now supposed to be sales rather then the actual aspect of the job. Sales are worth more on the scorecards of said techs, so why would they bother with anything else.

    The decline in service quality is a direct result of the mindset of the management team, directors and vps included. Those that stood up to the changes, and didn't agree with them, were simply removed from their position, whether completely, or moved to a different department.

    Work life balance is nearly none existent. Constantly being harassed for overtime, whether post shift, or being called in on days off. Taking any days off, besides what is already scheduled for regular days off and vacation, is a joke. The amount of "brown" out periods is now to the point that getting anything off that isn't already booked is going to be nearly impossible. This includes, but is not limited to, the entire summer as well as any holidays that come up. Sick days are treated poorly. Where once before one could call into work and stay home to recover, we are now told to come in to work and we will be put on modified duty. This is unacceptable. How is one to recover when we are told we should be coming to work, and management will do anything possible to ensure you come into work. Miss two days? Well we want a doctors note. On top of all this, there have been a number of people that have left on stress leave due to everything that has been going on at Telus. How ever, doing so, they are informed that they have now "ruined" their brand, and management clearly treats them as a lesser person.

    The scope of work within the technical role has completely changed. Where once technicians were looking at every little aspect of a specific customer, we have seen a decrease in the amount of time given for our customers. Where once techs were given for instance three hours for an install, in some cases they are now only given two. If you have to remove work, it is frowned upon and techs are given push back from our dispatchers and managers. To top this all off, techs have now had to under go training for an entirely new aspect of work, being installation and repair of Home Security systems. Although having this new role gives us a new skill set, technician pay remains the same. Our in home techs that are fully trained besides outside plant, cap at $26/hr where as our installation and repairs techs cap closer to $36/hr. This has remained the same, without any changes, regardless of the new aspects of the job. But we are encouraged to sell, especially the in home technicians, for an increase in pay from the sales incentives we receive, which is minimal at best, unless you achieve a ridiculous amount of sales, which is unachievable for the normal technician.

    All in all, I can honestly say that if you are seeking employment with Telus, I would strongly advise that you look else where. Telus has made it perfectly clear what is important to the company, and that is not its employees.

    Posted on 27 August 2019 by Rater #435 | Flag as inappropriate

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