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Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Banques, Assurances, Services financiers


Comment 5: There are ways around it like I used to do. Keep someone on the books that you don't bring in for any more shifts and give them unsatisfactory and then after reviews are finished you terminate them.

Publié le 8 mai 2012

yes the reviews are done on a bell curve - certain percent exceptional, certain percent exceeds, certain percent quality, certain percent needs improvement and a certain percent unsatisfactory. The Bell curve must be met but don't tell the employees.

Publié le 6 janvier 2012

Totally agree! Management is really unprofessional! They are always changing AM or Manager and they don't really know the process of the Dept. they are assigned to. Oh, the way they rate their employee for reviews! Really sucks. Employee are expected to do the jobs of 2 to 3 people and yet it's not good enough for Management. It's all about favouritism. Can't wait to get out!!

Publié le 1 décembre 2011

Lucky you. Getting out is the best option. What a mixed up, unprofessional, unfocused organization.

Publié le 3 novembre 2011

it is a first class shit hole run by a bunch of f--k ups

Publié le 29 octobre 2011

You and around twenty other employees. I feel worse for the ones left in there. It is terrible what people have to put up with just to bring home a paycheck.

Publié le 26 octobre 2011

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