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  • Sport Chek is probably the worst place I have had to work for in recent years, with the company being bought out by Canadian tire they have had various restructuring across the board done, but let me explain why it has been my worst employer in the past ten years,as said by other reviewers who are basically my kin whether they be former or current employees hours are terrible, me personally I have been with them for five years, and since the restructuring I have started to get one shift, one five hour shift for the week, and as deliberating as that sounds it was my only job as I couldn't find another, at the specific store I am at, the head manager is a great person with great product knowledge, there is nothing wrong with them in terms as a manager or a person, but their second in command seems to come off as pompus and abrasive, he too has great knowledge,but again pompus and abrasive, among the few things that kept me sane working there were my coworkers, and this is probably one of the best things I have to say about Sport Chek as a company, is that they hire great people with amazing personality, conversing with them and getting to know them is an experience in its own right, and for me personally I have worked under FGL (sports Chek's parent company) at five different stores (one permanent store and four store close downs) and the people I met are great!, but as a company overall with all these great people, Sport Chek Under Utilizes them, and people eventually leave due to various reasons that I've seen due to the companies restructuring. In the five years I've been here, many things have changed, one of the other reasons why I've stayed is because of the discount, yet another thing good about working here, its a real great discount, but how can you use the discount of you're not getting shifts?(well in my case at least) products sold are great, and you do feel like you're helping people out a lot which is a great feeling but the work environment takes its toll on you after a while after you realize your back room is like a hay stack.....and all the hay is replaced with needles, not actual needles but with how dangerous it can get you start to question how hasn't WHIMIS shut some of the stores down, its more or less the older stores rather than the brand new ones that are predominantly unsafe, give or take how good your department is good with organizing shipment. It seems as we have evolved as a company they people who do the general sales get less hours and the people who are responsible for the transactions get more,why not to knock cashiers, but we are all a part of the company, thought the years I've been here, I've no longer felt like a member of a family due to everyone leaving but more as a neglected stepchild that gets their government required welfare Chek (see what I did there?) Every two weeks. But hey, five years isn't much...so it seems in my case. P.S I know head office will read this at come point.

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