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Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I have been working at SportChek for about 2 and a half years now and my motivation to work for this company has gone from 10 to 0. This company is absolutely the worst place to work for. There are no 15 minute breaks and being a cashier, they provided no training at all on softgoods, hardgoods or footwear because additional training costs money and they will do anything to cut costs. (...).
    During my first year at sportchek, I absolutely loved working there because I was hired as a stock associate/cashier, but majority of my shifts were scheduled as a stock associate. I didn't need to deal with customers or my fellow coworkers for all I had to do was hang stock in the stock room.
    Half way through the year i was given all cash shifts apparently because it costs them money for me to go to work and just hang clothes in the stock room when i could do it at the cash counter and work the register at the same time. I was fine with management’s decision until the start of year 2.
    During my second year, all the hard working senior associates started quitting one after the other and the company began hiring lazy associates who were available to work 7 days a week but only knew min. product knowledge even after their training. I hated working w/ these lazy associates who hid in the stock room most of the time because customers would come up to me, the cashier, and ask for help. I would have to risk leaving my cash desk to avoid getting chastised by both customers and management (managers expect you to be at the cash desk every minute of your shift). On average, I would get about 2 customers complaining and yelling at me every time I work because there is no customer service at the store. And like I said, the GM cares about sales more than customer service.
    Also because all the senior employees left, I, the junior employee, became one of the seniors and managers expected me to do their job and train these new employees. I didn’t mind training these new employees (even though I’m not paid to do so) until I realized that the company never paid me OT, even when they said they will, for the extra 15mins-30mins of work I had to do to help these junior employees do their job.
    At the start of this year(3rd year), I found out that all sales associates are paid more then min. wage because management ‘believe’ they do more work then cashiers. But the truth is cashiers do more work yet we don’t get recognized for our work done. Sportchek would rather pay more to an associate who has not helped the company make a profit than pay a cashier who sells, does stock and run the cash desk(all cashiers who've worked the sportcheck for 3+ years are paid min. wage).
    Overall Sportchek is the worst company to work for because managers use employees to the fullest and treat them like crap. Majority of the time they’ll use one employee for one department.

    Posted on 27 June 2012 by Rater #5 | Flag as inappropriate

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