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Industrie : Commerce de détail

  • I worked as a cashier for sport chek for several months and I must say that the first couple months were amazing... Until I actually saw how terrible the favouritism and management it. The supervisors and managers walk around there as if they were gods. They favoured the employees who were robotic and shunned the employees who had a personality. I have always been in sales and I believe that when people make a connection with the employees that they are more likely to come back. However sport chek doesn't practice that even though they preach "the complete experience". It is all about numbers. In the sport chek I worked (more like volunteered at because the pay was so terrible) the cashiers were penalized (written up) For not following a strict script between them and a customer. Also it was an extremely high stress job, I remember this one Saturday I was working alone, there was always at least 5 people in my line for my 8 hours shit and my manager refused to give me a break until 7 hours in because they just fired another cashier this has happened to me several times. I am not a disgruntled former employee, sport chek does promote amazing team spirit so it is great for making friends and connections however I would never recommend anyone that I like to work there because they will work you like a war horse.

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